"Glamazon Queen Kong, My Life of Glitter Guts and Glory" available for purchase now.

BLOG TALK QUEEN KONG/MATILDA THE HUN “Glamazon Queen Kong-My Life of Glitter Guts and Glory” 11/5/2012 go to http://www.queenkong.com to purchase book- Rawesome Love & Body Slams & Thanks!

Whew, after 5 long years of writing, rewriting & editing, my book is ready to buy and to see! It’s been an exhausting trip of creative joy while suffering from a plethora of painful health issues.

Forbidden Fruit, Expert in Mad Love, Story of Evolution of Female Power from the hippy 60’s to the current millennium. A Life experiment of 50 ways to Love, Fight, Hate and Fornicate, and communicate. That’s my story…

Every word in my book has been written by me. Not too many autobiographies can attest to that. There’s usually a ghost writer involved.

My book is 227 pages with over 200 fabulous color photographs. It’s 8X10, almost like a coffee table book. It’s quite impressive, if I do say so myself.

I didn’t plan for this to be 8X10. It’s a result of both me and my assistant’s inexperience with the software for editing a book. But it turned out GRREAT! It’s a Big Book, for a Bigger story about my Big Life inside a Big Amazon Body traveling through a Big World of Kinky Sex and Drugs, Pro Wrestling and acting. My vulnerabilities are Big, including my raw emotions.

This is an opportunity for you Dear Fan to have the first edition of my Epic Real Life Story filled with rich, wild, lusty, sinful adventures throughout 5 decades of debauchery, delightful decadence, and sleazy and great Show Biz.

A trip from the 60’s to the new millennium of madness, an evolution & revolution for defining the New Normal for women; A thousand shades of love, lust, sex, and pain games

The Many Faces of Female Power of Queen Kong/Matilda the Hun/Deanna Booher is a journey most provocative and heartfelt with the uncensored truth about many emotional ups and downs;

First there’s little ol’ Deanna, a wayward Hippy child on a trip down the 60’s primrose lane. Looking for love in all the wrong places; Found it with Krazy Ken, rebel, social defector, radical, revolutionary, happy pervert.

Then there’s Juicy Joy- First telephone Sex operator in the world. Let’s yack off together! Funny and wild.

There’s Queen Adrena, renowned World class Dominatrix extraordinaire, pioneer in Fetish culture in the 70’s; Also a pioneer in Real Sex journalism. The truth about real kinky people is most intriguing.

Then there’s Queen Kong, the savage Warriorress, first woman in a college wrestling class. Mixed collegiate wrestling video producer; among the first women in the world to athletically challenge men in private wrestling encounters, and kick butt, sustaining many injuries.

There’s Matilda the Hun, star of TV fame, GLOW Gorgeous ladies of wrestling. GLOW-Ladies of the 80’s Wrestling show in seedy Las Vegas, filled with fantasies of Fame and Evil Corruption and abuse of power behind closed doors.

Actress in TV and film; with a sprinkling of juicy encounters with celebrities.

The book comes in 2 flavors, black and white for $29.90 and $90 for the color. Right now I’m publishing and printing it myself which makes the book’s more expensive in its First Edition, because I don’t have the funds for mass bulk printing which makes the book less expensive. For example, if I order 1,000 copies of the black and white, they will be $8 each or less. B & W costs me $10 now. The color would be approximately $20 or more as opposed to the $50 it is now costing me.

I could sure use some extra donations for a mass publishing. The more I raise for printing, the less it will cost. I plan to sell it in bookstores and boutiques. Stay tuned for my personal appearances where you can meet me, get an autographed copy of my Book. If there is enough interest, I will travel to different states.

Please buy my book and help if you can. I will reward you, my dear investor with many more of my DVD’s and whatever else I can come up with. I’m working on my vast archives of pictures and stuff to share more with you.

GLOW the movie keeps on giving to our fans and will be on a big network 2013 as well as the DVD will be for sale to the public. It really is an awesome documentary film, chronicling the rise and fall of our phenom show. Go to www.glowthemovie.com to find out more. So far it has traveled around the world twice; from L.A. and Hollywood to New York, Canada, London and states in between on the film documentary circuit. I am featured as a large part of the film and the show. I will keep you informed right here.

Is anything worthwhile ever simple and pain free? It seems that nothing has ever been simple or painless in my life. I’ve put so many hours into the typing on my pc keyboard that I’m now the proud owner of 2 carpal tunnel afflicted hands. I thought I had reached my apex of pain and suffering, but the joy never stops with 1,000 year old bones aging. I concentrate on the positive in this life, I’m positive that everything hurts. Love and old wrestlers never die, they just hurt endlessly. ;) That’s all for now folks.

Queenie Kong aka Matilda the Hun